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Are you looking for an online Special Needs Professional Development course that includes Emotional Intelligence and other expressive concepts, as listed below?* (For Albany participants, and interested others, this is all FREE,  with no assignments.)

  • Emotional Intelligence* (EQ), Universal Design* for Learning,  and Multiple Intelligences*

  • National Core Arts Standards*

  • Creative Lesson Plans* and Relevant Assignments

  • Fully Self-Paced and Asynchronous Coursework

Theatre in Motion Leslie Fanelli Special
Click on the VIDEO below for Teacher Testimonial.

If your answers to the questions above are yes,

this is the Special Needs Professional Development course for you!  Depending on the course version you select, you can earn 5 CEU credits or 3 CEU credits,

or, for ALBANY STAFF, you can simply enjoy the material FREE OF CHARGE, no assignments necessary.

Here is what participants are saying:  “This Special Needs Professional Development course provides a substantial amount of quality activities, resources, and research.  The lesson plans are thorough and provide many modifications and teaching materials which will prove useful when teaching students with disabilities.  Self-esteem, strengthened communication skills, and pure joy are just some of the outcomes.  I can attest that these activities can change a life.”

Molly Merendino

Masters of Science in Teaching Fordham University 

Special Education Teacher: Bayonne Board of Education, NJ


Disability activists and civil rights activists may also find value in this course.

B Theatre in Motion Leslie Fanelli Speci
Theatre in Motion Leslie Fanelli Special

Please click on the different boxes below to enjoy the Picture Gallery or Syllabus.

This Special Needs Professional Development will give you tools to use in the classroom, helping to improve communication, cooperation, 

self-esteem, fun, and applicable academia via drama and music.  Emotional Intelligence (EQ) thrives.

Theatre in Motion Leslie Fanelli Drama M

Your instructor is Leslie Fanelli, Executive Director of award-winning Theatre in Motion.  Any questions?  Email her at:

Please write “Online Drama Interest” in the Subject Line. 


Phone (908)-723-0564   (USA)

And another accolade, this time from London ...

"This Professional Development Course 'Add Drama and Music to your Special Needs Classroom' is rooted in Leslie Fanelli’s extensive experience as artist, educator and advocate for the rights of people with different abilities. Her full engagement to this project has enabled her to deliver a comprehensive experience, where teachers, parents and care givers (and anyone interested in education and self-development) are guided into knowledge of the human brain, body, emotions and behaviour. 


The course is structured in a way that enables you to search deep inside your own resources, to best apply the scientifically based principles of Universal Design for Learning and Multiple Intelligences. You learn to design your own creative, engaging and fun lesson plans. This course shows the way towards truly inclusive classrooms, meaningful learning processes, and healthy relationships. Anyone interested in 'how we are' and 'how we learn,' should take it."


Gabriela Aviles

Student of the Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Studies, London

BA in Social Communication, I.E.E.C. Monica Herrera, El Salvador

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